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Frequently Asked Questions

* Does Urban Soule have a physical gallery location?

I do not operate a physical gallery at this moment, however I regularly participate in art fairs and put on temporary shows. If you would like information about upcoming events, please sign up for my monthly newsletter on my contact page. However, I do offer a FREE consultation to evaluate your space and develop a recommendation of an appropriate art selection for your setting

* Do you do murals for home or business?

I do murals,indoor and out, cost varies from $1.00-$30.00 a square foot depending on size,detail and location.Prices include paint,other materials and labor.

* Do you use a machine to cut your stencils?
No! I hand cut all my stencil out of paper with a craft knife.

* Do you have Prints or Giclee's of your art?
No! Although I re-use my stencils when I can, all my paintings are original and hand sprayed with aerosol paints, latex and acrylic and other various mediums.  I want all my collectors to have an Original Urban Soule painting, not a reproduction.However, some of my images are licensed and are sold as prints on other websites.All the artwork you see on UrbanSoule.com is an original.

* Can you teach me your stencil skills and secrets?
Once a year, normally in spring, I offer workshops on stencil cutting and application methods. Keep informed by signing up for my newsletter on my contact page.

* Do you accept/paint commissions/custom art?
Yes! Please contact me with your idea and we will discuss sizes,pricing and details. Custom art  starts at a minimum size of 16x20 inch which is $250 and goes up from there..

* What forms of payment do you accept? Will I be charged tax?

Urban Soule accepts Paypal,Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Yes, you will be charged WA State tax..

* I really want a piece of artwork but cant afford it right now, do you have a layaway plan?

Yes! you can choose between a 2-6 month,interest-free payment plan ,contact me and we can work out a payment schedule that fits your needs. Artwork will be held at my studio until full payment is received .I also rent paintings 30x40 (inch) and larger, rental prices vary for each size. This allows you to live with a favorite piece before you make a purchase decision—at least half of your rental fee goes toward your purchase if you keep the work.

* Once I purchase a piece of art, how many days will it take to arrive?
Artwork is typically shipped within ONE WEEK of sale.Unless it is a custom piece and we will have agreed on a date. Once your artwork is shipped, the length of time required to receive your purchase depends on the type of shipping you selected. Urban Soule offers USPS and UPS Ground delivery service. For Ground delivery, allow three to five business days. You will receive an email with a tracking number so that you can see exactly when your art will arrive.Smaller artworks are shipped USPS Priority Mail and takes 3-5 business days to arrive.

* How is the cost of shipping calculated?
Shipping charges are based on the packing materials and box needed to safely transport your art, and standard UPS or USPS shipping rates. I do not make money off of packaging and shipping. I pass my cost directly on to you. All artwork is fragile packed by personally by me to insure that it arrives in perfect condition. UPS or USPS calculates shipping rates based on the size of the package and the distance that it is being shipped. In addition, all artwork is fully insured. I constantly am working to provide you with the most reliable and affordable shipping of your art. If you have any questions about these charges, please contact me at info@urbansoule.com

* Do you ship internationally?
Contact me first and I can give you a shipping quote and discuss details.

* What should I do if I receive a damaged piece of art?
If you receive a damaged piece of art, contact me within 24 hours at info@urbansoule.com . Please save the box and all packaging material; I must have these items in order to process the claim.

* May I return a piece of artwork if it does not meet my expectations?
There are no returns on any artwork, special orders or artwork that is altered at the request of the customer, or orders shipped outside of the United States. Unless the artwork is DAMAGED and you must provide photos of the damage. I am a one person artist, not a large production company.

* How can I contact Urban Soule?
Email: info@urbansoule.com Office hours: Monday through Friday 10:00 AM PST to 6:00 PM PST