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Much respect there, young Queen, I like your style, stay fresh and keep the lovely star stay shining always! -Chor Boggie aka CHORE ONE

Love your work, did stencil work in the 60's but went in other direction. Your work is fresh and thought provoking and it's got me inspired,Thanks for your talent! -Alex B

Awesome Work! - Karen L

Your art is off the hook,I'm looking forward to your news letters, Peace -Oui Kingz aka Ziggy Ramone

Right on! - Billi Kid

Your art kicks my ass! - Amanda M

Your skillz are mad transferable! - Joyce Manalo

The Crows are fantastic, they are so three dimensional, I first thought they were sculptures  -Grier

your website prom looks sick,great stuff! -Jim and Karla

keep up the arts,lookin' amazin' - LiL

I LOVE your canvassesssss -B-Art

stylin' the respirator, classy - www.myskateboarder.com

big ups! - Urbanz Toys in Kaimuki

Awesome stuff,I looked through your pages a couple times and you got some serious talent! Keep up the good work - Claude

Bonjour, I love ur art, keep up the good work -Lena

love the designs,very nice work - CFye CRew

GREAT, really great work, CIAO - Augusto De Luca

WOW! Beautiful! Love your artwork,Keep it up! - Elbasha Cafe

good dstuff,keep on cutting! GReetZ - oraNge

you doing great work, really - Nest da Foe

Beautiful work, Soule, Darkly elegant and quirky - Susan K

you Buddha series is amazing - Vatostar G

cheers from Guatemala City - Sanchez

bella assai i tuoi lavori!!! big up - El Monkei Graphics

very cool art! - DTMC

you've got some fresh stuff on your portfolio - Lucian L

your art IS exciting, I LOVE what you display, it's pop abstract but at the same time it's modern pop - Lenny C Jr